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Coming soon from David Forer, Master of Wine

What will the book be about?

There are many elite wines in the world, but at the very top of the pyramid are wines that are so sought after that very few people have seen a bottle, let alone drank one! What is it about these wines that make them so sought after? What’s their story? Why that wine and not its neighbour? This book will tell the back-story about the most sought after wines of the world.
In addition to the stories, the book will include beautiful images of these wines, images of the wineries or people, and interviews with proprietors and winemakers.

Keep in touch about how the book is going!

I will be giving updates during the development and writing of the book. Keep an eye on this space to see video updates from my travels while interviewing the key people behind each wine. I’ll also give some updates in the blog section. If you’d like to receive these updates, please enter your email:

When’s the book going to be done?

I just inked the contract with a Japanese publisher! I hope to have the book fully researched, written, submitted to the publisher by the end of 2019. That means maybe a mid year 2020 publication.
And then there’s the Chinese market – a publisher hunt is under way!
Oh, and of course in English! Once Japan is done, and the Chinese is under way (the two top places to publish a book with this kind of topic!) then it’s fast to a publication in English for the US and UK markets!